Welcome to Longwood Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting - September 13th, 2018


1. Call to Order of the Longwood Homeowners Association Board of Director

a. Kris calls meeting to order 7:10 pm

2. Approval of Minutes – Review from last month

a. James reviewed last month’s meetings

b. Kris made motion to approve

c. All in favor

d. No nays

e. Minutes approved

3. Reports 

A. Treasurer 

a. James reviewed the treasury report

b. James forwarded motion to approve treasury report

c. Bob seconded it

d. All ayes

e. No nays

f. Treasury report approved

4. Architectural Control Committee

a. Nothing new

5. Revitalization of Covenants Committee

a. All packages are out

b. Some returned- James has been taping then to the front doors

c. Received Ballot count is 164.

d. Revitalization committee recommends calling members meeting for vote count

e. James tabled a motion to call a member meeting to count the vote

i. Bob seconds it

ii. All were in favor

iii. No nays

iv. Revitalization members meeting called for Monday 10/1/18

f. Jordan to publish on website

g. James to publish on bulletin boards

h. Kris going to schedule church

i. James has projector and screen

j. Kris recommend donation to the church of 100$

i. All were in favor

ii. No nays

iii. Motion approved

6.  Maintenance - Areas to be considered shall include, but not necessarily be limited to:

· Lawn Service

a. James set up Abaco on auto pay

· Sprinklers

a. Sprinklers all seem to be working

· Canals

a. Melbourne city lining is done

b. Need to trim stumps that came back

c. Kris to spray them and kill it off

d. James has hand sprayer, Bob has back pack prayer

· Fences

a. We need to pressure wash white fence at some point

· Lighting/Flags

a. James gave Kris a new flag – Kris needs another one

a. James to give Kris all new flags

· Gazebo

a. Nothing New about gazebo

b. Melbourne City fixed power cable under road at gazebo

· Mail Boxes

a. Jordon called post office about broken mail box

b. Put in a ticket to get it fixed

c. Mail Box fixed

· Bulletin Boards

a. James put up signs for ballots

b. Need to post revitalization members meeting notice

7.  General Activities – Activities to be discussed, if needed, include, but are not limited to:

· Caribbean Villas

a. Paid for 2 months

b. Up to date

c. James invoiced for September

· Website

a. Jordon got password

b. Jordon made Motion to approve 100$ / yr. for new template

i. James seconded the motion

ii. All Ayes

iii. No nays

iv. Motion approved

v. Jordon to call James if needs help with billing

· Meeting Agenda’s and Public Notices

a. James to publish revitalization members meeting notice

b. Table issue of signs or hats for next meeting

· Meeting Location

a. Nothing New about board meeting location

b. Members meeting to be help at lake Washington fellowship church

· Storage Facility

a. Up to date – nothing new

· Board of Director’s membership and Officer Positions

a. Possibility William has forfeited his board seat by missing 3 meetings

b. James to check records

c. James tabled a provisional motion to add Dawn Lara to the board to replace William in the event William forfeited his set due to lack of attendance.

i. All present were in favor

ii. No Nays

iii. Motion Approved

iv. James to get Dawn board membership form

v. James to get Dawn a home owners package

8. Member Forum - Any member of the Longwood Homeowners Association may speak, or comment regarding any item on agenda or request an item be placed on a future agenda for discussion. Comments are limited to three (3) minutes per member, unless waived by Board.

a. James to call city code on trailer on Longwood Blvd.

b. James to do sweep of neighborhood as well

9. Adjourn

a. Bob made a motion to adjourn

b. All were in favor

c. No nays

d. Meeting adjourned 8:46 PM

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