Welcome to Longwood Homeowners Association

Board of Directors Meeting - December 13th, 2018

 1. Call to Order of the Longwood Homeowners Association Board of Director

a. Kris calls meeting to order 7:00 PM

2. Approval of Minutes – Review from last month

a. James reviewed last month’s meetings

b. Kris made motion to approve

c. Bob seconded it 

d. All were in favor

e. no nays7:04 PM

f. all present signed approved meeting minutes

g. Minutes approved

3. Reports 

A. Treasurer 

a. James reviewed the treasury report

b. Kris forwarded motion to approve treasury report

c. Bob seconded it

All ayes

d. No nays

e. Treasury report approved

B. Architectural Control Committee

a. Nothing new

C. Revitalization of Covenants Committee

a. James has the golden ticket – mail notice came to my front door

b. Post office delivered notice to James house even though it is addressed to Longwood HOA address

c. James explained two affidavits to the board needed for revitalization activity.

d. Chris called a meeting for revitalization at 5:00 PM Dales house.

e. Need to close out revitalization project.

D.  Maintenance - Areas to be considered shall include, but not necessarily be limited to:

a. Lawn Service

i. Nothing new

b. Sprinklers

i. Need work on a few sprinklers

ii. Will pick up in spring

c. Canals

i. Need to cut back foliage at outflow boxes

ii.  outflow boxes over growth tabled to next month.

d. Fences

i. Need to block fence access from Caribbean villas to east T canal

ii. Will table for next month

e. Lighting/Flags

i. Need to fix flag pole hardware

ii. Tabled to next month

iii. Need to buy 2 new flags – James to buy at harbor freight

f. Gazebo

i. Nothing new

g. Mail Boxes

i. Nothing new

h. Bulletin Boards

i. Lots of conversations about XMAS contest expedites

ii. James forwarded a motion to table all financial decisions until afte revitalization meeting

iii. Board made decision to have an emergency board meeting at 5:30 at Dales house – just after the revitalization meeting.

E.  General Activities – Activities to be discussed, if needed, include, but are not limited to:

a. Caribbean Villas

i. Invoiced thru December

ii. Paid thru October

b. Website

i. Problems with board members emails

ii. All texted James for short term communications

iii. Jordon and Chris to fix all email accounts

c. Meeting Agenda’s and Public Notices

i. Jordon to update bulletin boards with 2019 meeting notices

d. Meeting Location

i. Nothing new

ii. Regular revitalization meeting and emergency board meeting called at Dales house on Friday 12/14/18

e. Storage Facility

i. Nothing new

f. Board of Director’s membership and Officer Positions

i. Nothing new

ii. Dawn missed today’s meeting

4. Member Forum - Any member of the Longwood Homeowners Association may speak, or comment regarding any item on agenda or request an item be placed on a future agenda for discussion. Comments are limited to three (3) minutes per member, unless waived by Board.

a. None

5. Adjourn

a. Kris made a motion to adjourn

b. Bob seconded the motion

c. All were in favor

d. No nays

e. Meeting adjourned 8:18 PM