Welcome to Longwood Homeowners Association

2019 Annual Members Meeting


Office of the Secretary 3181 Village Park Dr. Melbourne FL 32934


Dear Longwood Homeowner,

Our annual meeting will be held Monday, February 4th, 2019 at 7:00 PM at the Lake Washington Fellowship Church, 4050 Lake Washington Rd, Melbourne, FL 32934. (just west of Turtle Mound Rd on Lake Washington)


1. Member Sign-In  Home Owners (Association Members)

2. Meeting Call to Order   Kris Rauha President

3. Establish a Quorum Kris Rauha President

4. Board Members Introductions Board Members

5. Revitalization Review James DeLaPorte Revitalization Committee

6. Declarants & Code Violations  James DeLaPorte Secretary

7. 2018 Budget Review James DeLaPorte Secretary

8. 2019 Budget Plan James DeLaPorte Secretary

9. Proposed Canal Work James DeLaPorte Secretary

10. Board Member Vote Kris Rauha President

a. James DeLaPorte 3-year term is up

b. Dawn Lara 3-year term is up (finishing term for William Whitmore)

11. Website Review Jordan Clark Board Member

12. New Business Kris Rauha President

If you have business to be brought up at the annual meeting, please submit a written summary to the, President, at the above address, or at krisrauha@longwoodhoa.org so that it may be added to the agenda.

Please note if a quorum is not present at the 7:00PM meeting, a Second Annual Meeting is hereby scheduled for 7:30PM, on the same evening. If the revised quorum is not present for the Second Annual Meeting, the Third Annual Meeting will be held at 8:00PM on the same evening.

YOUR PARTICIPATION AND VOTE ARE IMPORTANT. Please make every effort to attend. If you are unable to attend, please assign your proxy to another Home Owner or Board Member who will be attending and may vote your interests.

PROXY ASSIGNMENT: Being the rightful owner of Lot ____________ in Longwood Subdivision. I do hereby assign my voting rights for the 2019 Annual Meeting to fellow Home Owner:

Print Name: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Print Proxy Owners Name________________________

Proxy Owner’s Signature___________________________

Address_______________________________________________________ Date__________________

2019 Annual Members Meeting Notice (pdf)