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Dues Cycle Explanation

FY2018 and FY2019 Dues


The above graphic and this brief explanation is to alleviate any concerns regarding the FY2018 Dues that the Board assessed last December of 2018 and the timing between then and assessing the 2019 dues in June of 2019. The Longwood HOA dues are not assessed monthly, meaning Home Owners do not pay by the month. Instead, as stated in the Longwood HOA By-Laws, dues are assessed yearly and can be assessed at any point in the Calendar Year (January - December). The Longwood HOA Board were initially going to assess 2018 dues earlier in the year (around June 2018) to avoid the Holidays, but we were in the middle of Revitalization and wanted to wait for this to complete before assessing the dues. Because of this, the Board waited until December of 2018 upon completion of Revitalization to asses FY2018 dues. In the 2019 Annual Home Owners Meeting in February of 2019, the Board discussed this with the Home Owners and they voted to move the dues assessment period to mid-year (around June) for years moving forward to avoid the Holiday season. Because of this decision, the Board is assessing FY2019 Longwood HOA dues and the dues for every proceeding year, in June. Essentially, we paid FY2018 dues in December 2018, and FY2019 dues and every year thereafter will be paid in June. No prorating is needed nor allowed by the Longwood HOA By-Laws. We understand and apologize for the inconvenience, but as stated previously, this was the Home Owners' decision. This should all be explained in your FY2019 Dues Letter you received and is also shown below. Please note, the Board did not asses dues for 2017 due to Revitalization, so Home owners received a free year. Everyone who bought and currently owns a home in the Longwood community, including the Board, is subject to paying the HOA dues. They are essential to maintain several aspects of the community including maintaining the canals (largest part), mailboxes, islands, fences, gazebo, etc. and keep our neighborhood great!

FY2019 Annual Due Letter


Longwood Home Owners Association

Office of the Treasurer, Longwood Home Owners Association, 3181 Village Park Dr. Melbourne FL 32934

SUBJECT: 2019 HOA Dues


Longwood  Homeowner

Longwood Subdivision

Melbourne FL 3293

Dear Longwood Homeowner:

FY2019 Dues Cycle is upon us. In February 2018, the members voted to move the dues notices from December to June in order to avoid assessing dues during the year end Christmas Holiday season. As such we now send out due’s letters in April, for the May – June – July Dues cycle.

The annual dues for FY 2019 are $200.00 as stated in the revitalized declarants. The dues are assessed annually (not monthly) so the entire dues amount for FY2019 are assessed and therefore due. There is no monthly pro-rating of dues (because we don’t assess monthly) applied to the one-time annual assessment. The payment of dues is a legal requirement for all home owners.

However, there is a $25.00 discount for paying dues early, a normal assessment for paying dues on time, and a $25.00 late fee for paying dues late.

The FY 2019 dues payment schedule is as follows:

Early Dues ($175.00) Received before 6/1/2019

Regular Dues ($200.00) Received between 6/1/19 – 6/30/19

Late Dues ($225.00) Received after 6/30/19

Please make checks payable to Longwood Home Owners Association. A self-addressed postage paid envelope is included for your convenience.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

The entire list of current Longwood HOA Board of Directors names and contact info are included here for your reference.

Sincerely, James DeLaPorte; FY2108 Longwood HOA Treasurer

Signed ____________________________________________________ Date__________________________

Longwood HOA Board of Directors and Terms

President: Kris Rauha; krisrauha@longwoodhoa.org 

Treasurer: James DeLaPorte; boardmember1@longwoodhoa.org 

Board Member: Robert Holsombach; BobHolsombach@longwoodhoa.org 

Secretary: Dawn Lara; dawnmlara@longwoodhoa.org

Board Member / Website Manager: Jordon Clark; jclark@longwoodhoa.org 

Board Member: John St. Dennis; johhnythebrush@longwoodhoa.org

Board Member: Martha St. Dennis; mj15@longwoodhoa.org