Welcome to our new and improved Longwood website! Navigation should be much easier, the tabs clearer and more user friendly.
There will be front page updates monthly and more often if necessary or if a critical issue arises.

As stated in the Notice of Annual Meeting for homeowners in Longwood, there is a very serious problem with the underground stormwater drain pipes along Lake Washington Road. They are collapsing and will fail to drain storm water unless fixed.
We are fighting with the county regarding the replacement of the pipes. EVERYONE WILL BE AFFECTED BY THIS IF WE HAVE A STRONG STORM. Please get involved in this urgent matter. If you choose to ignore the issue flood insurance is advised.


Our new HOA Board Members have been added. The monthly board meetings will now be held at 7:00PM at Frankie’s Wings & Things to accommodate more people. The address is 1981 N. Wickham Rd, just south of Lake Washington Rd.

The new bulletin boards are installed and will be ready for use very shortly. There will be rules for use such as no commercial advertising.

Contacting the County Commissioner regarding the stormwater drainpipe problems we’re having may go unheard until the new election in November however you may want to contact the candidates to hear their possible solutions. The candidates for County Commissioner District 5:
Kristine Isnardi,
Rob Medina,
Terry LaPlante,


We are a Deed Restricted community. Everyone is informed of the Deed Restrictions upon closing of your home purchase if not before. If the restrictions are not followed our property values go down. Complaints are on the rise and can no longer be ignored
The most common complaints are:
1) work trailers, boats, and campers not parked BEHIND a fence.
2) house exteriors. This includes changes to driveways and fencing.
3) house exteriors and yards not being kept up to par (many of these homes are in foreclosure).
4) dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs.
5) cars not obeying our neighborhood speed limit

Regarding item #2: ANY change to your home’s exterior must be approved by the board. This includes house painting, driveway alterations (resurfacing, enlarging, adding) and adding or changing a fence.

Deed Restrictions

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Upcoming HOA Board Meetings at Frankie’s Wings & Things (always start at 7:00)

Board Members

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