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Welcome to the Longwood Homeowners Association Web Page. This Web page has been created to provide current information to Longwood Homeowners and the general public. You have our permission to reproduce any pages that were created by us.

Welcome to Longwood's Web

  • Flood Zone Lomgwood has been relabeled a flood zone by the City and/or Feds. This may inpact present or future mortgages. The Board received the following letter. "Dear Sir or Madam: The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has identified a property that you own as being in a repetitive loss area, which means that a property you own is in a neighborhood that has experienced two (2) or more flood losses since 1978. As a participant in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Community Rating System (CRS), the City of Melbourne is required to provide you with the enclosed flood insurance and property protection information. Additional information is available on the FEMA website at www.fema.gov. Sincerely, City of Melbourne /s/ Alan F. Beyer Code Compliance Director CRS Coordinator"

  • Wild Animals A Bobcat and a coyote have been spotted in Longwood. If you see a dangerous animal, please contact Bill Harris at Wharris1@cfl.rr.com.

  • Annual Meeting The 2014 Annual Meeting was held on 6/2/14 at the Harbor City Christian Chyurch at 3210 Aurora Rd, 7 PM. Minutes are attached. 2014

  • Christmas Decorations Winners for the 2013 Christmas decoration contest are as follows:
    • 1st Prize - Edwin Muller, 2568 Woodsmill
    • 2nd Prize - Tim Fishe, 2728 Woodsmill
    • 3rd Prize - Ronald Mock, 3154 Woodsmill
    • Hon. Men. - Jason Scholl, 2740 Woodsmill2568 WM

  • 2013 Dues Dues notices for 2014 were mailed in November. Dues for 2014 are now late and leins have been filed. If you have not paid your dues, contact Tom Sylvester (259-2598) or any other Board member immediately. Mail dues to 3181 Village Park Dr. Please include lot number on your check. Lot number is on mailing label.

  • Post Office Boxes The new Post Office Boxes are now installed and operational and the cross walks have been installed. Please do not post or tape any announcements on the new boxes. The damaged box near the Wickham entrance was be repaired.

  • Title Companies Title companies may contact our Treasurer at treasurer@longwoodhoa.org for property information and estoppel letters.

  • Fence Repairs: Report any fence problems to any Board member.

  • Board Meeting: Date and location of the next Board Meeting is listed above. The Board is now rotating the location of meetings.

  • Board Minutes: Minutes through July 2014 have been added to this Web site.

  • Budget: The 13-14 final budget actuals and the new 14-15 budget have been added to the site.

  • Crime Watch: Keep your property secured and watch out for your neighbors. Area teens seem to want what you worked hard to get. What our for skate boarding teens who are also checking out your property. Nuff said. Please keep the Board informed of any problem.

  • Deed Restrictions: Homeowners are reminded that just like the sign says everytime you enter or leave Longwood, there are Deed Restrictions to this subdivision and your property (just like every other Brevard development in the past 20 years). You agreed to live within these restrictions as a condition to taking title to your property. Whether you were given a copy of the restrictions or not, (and you should have been by your sales agent or title company at closing), it should be clearly written on your deed that title is subject to existing deed restrictions. A copy of the common Deed Restrictions are available elsewhere on this Web site under "Legal". One major restriction is: there are to be no substantial change to the property's appearance without the approval of the Architectural Control Committee. This includes additions, exterior paint and fences. Presently the full Board is handling the Architectural Control Committee duties. Recently a homeowner had to repaint their home when their loud color did not meet Community standards. Always obtain Architectural Control Committee (Board) approval prior to making additions to your home and before making substantially changes to its color or appearance. Always obtain permission if you need to take down the Association's fence. A short discussion before hand can save all parties a lot of grief and money.

  • Architect Committee: Duties are presently being handled by the Board. If you are planning any substantial changes to your home or grounds (including fences, color changes, driveway modifications, home additions, etc), you MUST have Board approval per your deed restrictions. A couple of homeowners have had to redo projects that were not initially Board approved. Be advised that the Board will NOT approve ribbon (2 strips) driveways or loud colors.

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