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• The Longwood subdivision is a Deed Restricted Community.
• The original covenants and restrictions were recorded on July 15, 1981 in Official Records Book 2313 Page 1644 of the Public Records of Brevard County, Florida as amended from time to time (the “Covenants”).
• All lots within Longwood are subject to and governed by the Covenants and each Owner is a member of the Longwood Homeowner’s Association, Inc.
• Unfortunately, due to the running of time, and the unintended impacts of Florida Statute 712, Marketable Record Title Act passed in the late 1960’s, the Covenants have expired and are no longer in effect unless what is referred to as a “revitalization“ occurs, by which the Covenants are in essence re-recorded.
• Pursuant to Florida Statute §720.403, the Covenants can be revived provided the Covenants (as amended) are approved by a majority of the Lot Owners (139 lots) within Longwood at a properly called meeting.
• A revitalization committee has been formed and information will be mailed out to all homeowners soon. Information will include Articles of Incorporation, Declaration of Covenants and Bylaws that will need to be voted on at an upcoming special members meeting (TBA).

Revitalization committee members are listed below.


$$$2017 HOA DUES$$$
2017 Longwood HOA Dues are NOT BEING REQUESTED until the Association has revitalized its Declaration of Covenants.

Due to legislative actions, the current declarations have expired. A Revitalization Committee has been formed and it is anticipated that the process will be completed within the next six months. (See Florida Statute 720.403, Part III) Please contact a member of the Revitalization Committee for details.

HOA Board Meetings
Monthly board meetings are held at 7:00PM at Frankie’s Wings & Things to accommodate more people. The address is 1981 N. Wickham Rd, just south of Lake Washington Rd.

The new bulletin boards are installed and are ready for use. Rules for use such as no commercial advertising are posted on the boards.


We are a Deed Restricted community. Everyone is informed of the Deed Restrictions upon closing of your home purchase if not before. If the restrictions are not followed our property values go down.

ANY change to your home’s exterior must be approved by the architecture committee. This includes house painting, driveway alterations (resurfacing, enlarging, adding) and adding or changing a fence.

The Longwood HOA Board is seeking a volunteer to manage the Longwood community website.
Responsibilities would include updating website with meeting announcements, minutes, board and committee memberships and other community information. If interested, please send an e-mail to:
Mr. Dale LeVey at
Must have experience with WordPress

Deed Restrictions

View deed restrictions

Upcoming HOA Board Meetings at Frankie’s Wings & Things (always start at 7:00)

Board Members

Architecture Control Committee
Revitalization Committee